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  • Enjoy a safe and comfortable outdoor life – Calico mosquito net

    Mosquito bites often cause extreme discomfort during outdoor activities. In order to provide high-quality outdoor protection solutions, our company launched Calico Mosquito Net. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the usage scenarios of Calico mosquito nets, our company’s service and quality control advantages. The Calico Mosquito Net is a high quality mosquito net designed for outdoor use. Whether you are hiking, camping, picnicking or relaxing in the garden, the Calico Mosquito Net will be the ideal choice for you. Calico mosquito nets are made of high-quality materials and offer the following benefits: Efficient protection: The printed cloth mosquito net adopts a dense mesh structure, which can effectively block the entry of mosquitoes and other insects, providing you with a safe outdoor environment; Ventilated and Breathable: The calico mosquito net is made of breathable material, which can maintain air circulation, allowing you to enjoy fresh air in the tent; Lightweight and Portable: Made of lightweight material, Calico mosquito net is easy to carry and can be used easily whether traveling or outdoor activities.Part 2: Our company’s services As a su...

  • Protect your sleep and health – Learn about the advantages and quality services of mosquito net fabrics

    Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests during the summer. Their bites not only cause itchy skin but can also spread a variety of diseases. To ensure your sleep and health are protected from mosquitoes, it is crucial to use a mosquito net. One of the most important components of a mosquito net is the mosquito net fabric. This article will introduce the advantages of mosquito net fabrics and materials as well as our company’s excellent service and quality.Great for blocking mosquitoes. Mosquito net fabric is a material specifically designed for use in the manufacture of mosquito nets. It is made of high-density fibers that can effectively prevent mosquitoes and other pests from entering the interior of the mosquito net. Compared with other ordinary fabrics, the mesh size of mosquito net cloth is smaller, giving mosquitoes nowhere to escape. This highly effective blocking ability is perfect for protecting your sleep and health.Comfortable and breathable Mosquito net fabric is known for its excellent breathability. Its construction technique allows air to flow freely, maintaining ventilation compared to traditional materials. This means you won’t feel hot or stuffy under ...

  • Some things you must know about printed mosquito nets

    Huzhou Wuxing Dongren Textile Co., Ltd. leads the innovation and development of China’s mosquito net industry and has become the industry leader with its excellent quality and professional services. As a company specializing in manufacturing printed mosquito nets, Huzhou Dongren Knitting has advanced production equipment and a high-quality R&D team, committed to providing the highest quality products to customers around the world. As an important tool in protecting people from mosquito bites and the spread of disease, printed mosquito nets offer many unique features and benefits. First of all, it is made of high-quality polyester fiber material, which not only has good softness and breathability, but also is highly durable. This means the mosquito net can withstand long-term use without breakage, ensuring long-lasting protection. In addition, one of the features of printed mosquito nets is their printed design. Using advanced digital printing technology, various beautiful and attractive patterns can be printed on mosquito nets, providing users with personalized choices. This not only increases the decorativeness of the mosquito net, but also makes users feel happy and ...

  • Dongren Knitting Co., Ltd. responds to the urgent procurement needs of BASF’s Thailand

    Dongren Knitting Co., Ltd. responds to the urgent procurement needs of BASF’s Thailand factory and strives to organize production to ensure delivery deadlines Jiujiang, reported on September 25 – Recently, BASF’s Thailand factory urgently purchased 200 tons of mosquito net fabric from Dongren Knitting Company, requiring a very tight delivery deadline. In order to ensure the smooth completion of orders, all employees of Dongren Knitting Company devote themselves to production work with a positive attitude, and fully meet customer needs through the efficient operation of warping, weaving, and styling workshops. Faced with the urgent procurement needs of BASF’s Thailand factory, Dongren Knitting Company was fully aware of the urgency of the task and immediately organized various departments to act quickly. Company leaders personally visit the workshop and have in-depth exchanges with employees to understand their working conditions and difficulties to ensure efficient operation in the production process. In order to boost employee morale, the company also provides overtime subsidies to encourage employees to devote themselves to production. Despite the overall dow...

  • Dongren Mosquito Net Special Benefits!

    All employees took an autumn trip to Yangzhou to help teamwork and create a more harmonious working environment! Yangzhou, reported on September 25th – In order to enhance the connection and teamwork among employees and provide a rare benefit to all employees, Dongren Mosquito Net decided to organize a wonderful 2-day activity for all employees during the busy order period. 1 night autumn outing. Although the order list is full, Dongren Mosquito Net is willing to take some time off from its busy schedule to give its employees an unforgettable autumn experience. This autumn tour will start this weekend, and the location is locked in the beautiful city of Yangzhou. As a famous cultural city with a long history, Yangzhou is famous for its beautiful scenery and rich history and culture. This autumn outing will lead employees to appreciate the customs of Yangzhou and feel the integration of nature and culture. The autumn tour schedule is compact but very fulfilling. Employees will visit the main attractions in Yangzhou City, such as Slender West Lake, Geyuan and Yandun Mountain. Under the influence of these beautiful scenery, employees will have the opportunity to communicate w...

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From 1990, one factory named Huzhou Wuxing Dongren Textile Co., Ltd. Start to rise up like a shining star. With the stable faith: to provide a safe sleeping enviroment, we alway pay attention at quality control and cost performance, for all around word. Here our factory located in balidian town Huzhou city Zhejiang Province China near Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yiwu Keqiao etc. The advantaged location very convient for transport and shipping.

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